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Message from the General Manager

The sun and the moon are moving, the stars are moving, and Xuancheng Shuangfeng Construction Co., Ltd. has been sailing for seven years. After seven years of hard work, Xuancheng Shuangfeng Construction Co., Ltd. has now become a well-known municipal enterprise in Xuancheng. He has a good corporate image and a hard-working, hard-working team spirit.

Looking back on the past, in the seven years of the Changhe River, the hard work of the majority of employees has been left, and the sweat of hard work has been poured. In these seven years, there is the joy of success and the pain of various lessons. In short, we bend down and do things straight and go straight. We adhere to the correct direction of development, correct the shortcomings in the process of advancement, and create a new chapter of forward development together.

Recalling the journey, Xuancheng Shuangfeng Construction Co., Ltd. has been brave for seven years. The company adheres to the tenet of "be brave in opening up the market with a pragmatic spirit and build a first-class enterprise with innovative ideas." Hard training of internal strength strengthened the corporate image construction, continuously expanded the company's living space, completed the tasks at each stage of development, and the company achieved good economic and social benefits. In this regard, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the hard-working staff, to leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life for their support and help!

Looking ahead, the work we face is very difficult. The difficulties of further development are also very difficult. But we have to overcome difficulties and dare to take responsibility. It is necessary to overcome difficulties in development and improve management in promotion in accordance with the "second five-year development plan" formulated by the company. I firmly believe that: as long as we adhere to scientific management, and further mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of employees, "Shuangfeng is my home, development depends on everyone", and set goals without relaxation, then we can bravely go through the dangers and embark on a new journey of further development!

Let us work together for a better tomorrow of "Double Phoenix"!

General Manager: Liu Shiping

July 1, 2015

Message from the General Manager

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