2 28 下午,公司召开第一次工程项目管理工作会议。 On the afternoon of February 28 , 2018 , the company held the first engineering project management work meeting. The company's Zhou Haichuan, Li Zongshe, Wang Daye, Wang Jinqiang, Wu Jian, and Guo Li attended the event. The person in charge of each project under construction and the construction technicians on the job participated.

The meeting was chaired by Comrade Wang Daye. The project leaders reported on the work before the year and implemented the preparations and work plan for the return to work after the year. The heads of each department clarified the work tasks of the department. Finally, Comrade Zhou Haichuan, deputy general manager of the company, made a summary of the meeting, analyzed the situation, arranged tasks and put forward requirements.

February 28, 2018

Company employees say goodbye to Spring Festival and return to work
Warm congratulations on the successful foundation laying ceremony of Xuancheng Shuangfeng Construction Group Co., Ltd.



The first working meeting to resume work after the Spring Festival in 2018

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